Black Bunnys'

6 months ago Canton   166 views
$15 for BOTH
They where born to weeks ago. Their names are Hazel, the left, and Lisa, the right. Their parents are Brown, the mother, and Pitch black, the father. I'm assuming they are both females, last time I checked. But it's honestly to early to tell until they're a lil older. They are the first litter of their mother, Elena. They are honestly a joy to be around, they are quirky. Hazel act like a princess. If you dont pet her right, she will head butt you. If you dont feed her fast enough, she will head butt you. If you ignore her she will charge you. She loves attention. Lisa is the opposite of her sister. She's very quite, not as demanding of attention as her sibling is. She is very peaceful and calm. i often go to sleep with her beside me. i swear sometimes they're reincarnated humans on the looks they give me. They I'd love to keep them but i dont have enough room. That and i cant let them roam around the house because i have larger animals. I'm afraid of them getting lost and/or hurt......