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1 year old, raised since baby.
We simply just cannot take care of him anymore. Though we will miss him:)
Daily Diet:
Fruit and veggies for breakfast.
Zupreem pellets, with black sunflower seeds for dinner.
(He adapts well to any food, so if you change his diet he will be fine)
Some personality traits:
He's sweet
He can be cage dominant at times
He gets along with other parrots, unless the other part torments him- or gets on his nerves.
At first he acts like he doesnt like anyone, and tries to intimidate you. But he doesnt mean it, he most likely likes you.
Hes not loud at all, doesnt scream here. But he whistles to communicate with our other birds.
Dabi is not a plucke, and had all his feathers- including the black ring around his neck, that defines his gender.
If you're interested let me know:) text me, I'll answer faster;
(772) 207-8928

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