Creating website is just few hours away! no technical knowledge required.

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Why this Guide
Have you ever inquired to know the cost of creating an e-commerce website? If not than why don’t you try it just to know the cost difference in creating an ecommerce website following this guide and asking any developer or any other entity to create e-commerce website for you. The cost difference will surprise you for sure. Codnine has done all the hard work for you to find out best solution so you can create a stunning e-commerce website at lowest possible cost without comprising on quality.
how this guide will save you money. For e.g. If someone is demanding 300 $ to 2000 $ to create ecommerce website, do you think he/she will develop it from scratch? Or will do all the difficult coding? You know what 99% answer is no. Anxious to know why? Let’s find out together. Because, to develop even a basic website from scratch needs lots of resources and qualified team, especially for an e-commerce website which is lot more expensive. So, if someone is demanding this amount for creating ecommerce website what he/she will do? Well you can guess it, 99% of them are just going to buy a ready-made website in few bucks from somewhere and set it for you.
So, why to pay them? if you can do it on your own within few hours and most importantly in less than 80$ including the cost of this amazing guide and you know what, the plus point is by doing it yourself you are being placed under the advantage of learning and later on managing this website will be a lot easier as compared to if it would have been done by someone else. Because, at the end you are the custodian of the website and you need to manage it. So, isn’t it better you buy and set this e-commerce website and manage it? off course it is. Because, you will save reasonable amount of money along with getting some technical knowledge and valuable skills. So, by following this guide buying a ready-made e-commerce website and setting it as per your requirement is very easy, simple and straight forward process.
How much it will cost you
Cost of this guide + 45$ script cost (Ready-made website) + 17$ hosting for complete one year + 10$ for website domain
This is estimated cost based on current offered discounts and may vary a little.
What will you get in this guide
1: Complete process how you can buy ready-made e-commerce website and set it as per your requirements.
2: How you can get unlimited free life time SSL certificates for your multiple websites
3: How you can add your website in cloudflare for free to improve website performance
4: How you can automatically monitor your website for free
5: How you can do free marketing of your website
Some of the important features of the script (Website).
1: Multiple Currency System
2: New Vendor Public Profile
3: Separate Digital Product Upload
4: Multi Vendor System
5: Multiple Vendor Packages
6: Product Management & Customer's Choice Options
7: Separate Digital Product Management
8: Portable Vendor Subscription System
9: Product & Vendor Rating
10: Popular Payment Gateways & much more
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