Unwanted Cat along with kittens.

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Currently renting a room in an apartment. The owner of the apartment brought a kitten home. The owner liked the kitten. As it grew it ended up getting pregnant and gave birth to 3 kittens 1 girls and 2 boys. Now she doesn't want the cat nor the kittens. She keeps them in the back outside. Before she kept them inside the apartment but kicked them all out in the cramped patio. Saddens me seeing them like this. She at times doesn't feed them so my mother takes action and feeds them. The owner is a really insensitive person who could care less about the cat sometimes. They need a home. Call or text my cellphone number for more info. They are not mine but I have to do soemthing to find them a home where they deserve better. The owner has said she has put them for sale online but no success so I feel I can do better. Call or text 714-699-8789. The breed is Turkish Van.

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